Catasorusrex, Devon Rex Creations By Robyn
Devon Rex! The best hypoallergenic, puppy like cat, you will ever find

I bet you are sooooo excited to begin preparing for your new baby! She will come with a care package of essentials, to help the transition into her new home, be an easy one. Mostly sample size items, that will make it easier for you to replace the comforts of home, as she adjusts to her new environment.

She is on a grain free diet. Devon's can be very sensitive to wheat and corn, Gluten's especially. I will send small bags and some cans of food, that she has been raised on and does very well digesting. Some times if you go on line, there will be a store locator in your area that suggests specialty shops, near you,that will offer a good selection of grain free products. She loves, just a small dollop of the same brand, in wet food, twice per day. You may wish to cut this back to once per day, but it is nice to help them maintain a healthy weight, during the weening process. I find that separate food and water dishes, the kind that aren't attached, are the easiest and best for keeping clean and fresh. While your kitten is still young, you will want to, "free feed" her, meaning that there is always, fresh, dry food available for her  to munch and, of course, fresh, clean water available to her at all times. And.....this is for you boys....I have boys so I know, always close the toilet seat. The kitty will happily drink from the toilet water, but this is not good for her. This is also an extreme safety hazard. Kittens will fall into the toilet bowl, and drown.
I always keep, healthy scratching opportunities, placed throughout the home. I will send a, **cardboard scratch pad with catnip**, along in her care package. It works well to place these in various locations throughout the home. Cats love to climb and scratch, so in order to avoid inappropriate climbing and scratching, we will provide lots of "GOOD" things for them to scratch and climb. Especially since these cats are strictly indoor pets, one nice cat tree, with Sisal scratching posts, in an area that she spends a lot of time, will provide her with the healthy ability to climb and scratch. If you start early, training her, she will learn very quickly. If she does begin exhibiting undesirable behaviors, please contact me and I will give you ideas and links to redirect bad behaviors.
                                          ***Litter Box Needs***
Here in our home/cattery....we use alternative litter in the litter boxes. The clay litters are so messy and dusty, and I feel, very unhealthy for cats to breath. There are many alternatives out there. It is best to choose a litter that specifies, **natural and non toxic**. Also included in this care package, will be a small bag of what we like to use. Alternative litters are, natural wood pellets, newspaper pellets and a ground corn cob type, that also works very well. I would recommend, if you have a larger home, that you place, at least, two litter boxes in different areas of your home.
                                      ***Bedding and Cozy's***
Devon's LOVE to be warm and will enjoy being able to crawl under covers and sleep with you. Also, she will enjoy having cozy beds placed in her favorite napping areas. She will come with a cozy, home made bed, with smells from home. In addition to that, you may want to consider adding one or two around the house. She will inevitably find the, sunny spots, to bask and nap. ***Warning*** Because your baby will want to crawl under the bed sheets, to be warm and cozy with you, you must be certain that she is not wrapped up in the sheets before placing them into the washing machine. This happened to one of our sweet kittens, after she moved in with her new family. We were all devestated, and of course suffering a great loss over the death of this baby. Please remember....Your new kitten is a helpless little baby! She is counting on you to keep her safe, happy, and healthy! You must take all precautions that you would take with a human toddler.....always know where your baby is! Refrigerators, freezers, toilets, washers and dryers, are all extreme dangers to your baby, and adult, Devon Rex!
Okay....this is fun! Some times Devon's pick the silliest things for their favorite toys. Like, twist ties off of bread bags, that kind of thing. I just ask that you be mindful when providing your new baby with play items. Think of, "child proof", like when you were buying toys for your children when they were small. Things like ribbon and yarn....they love these, but if they start swallowing them, they can't stop until it goes all the way down. Bad things have been known to happen when ribbon, yarn, and string, go down into a cats intestines. Just make sure that the yarn, ribbon, or sting is attached to something, from both ends, so that it cannot be swallowed. Then, these things are, safe, and fun! Devon's love shiny and crinkly things and of course "catnip". I always try to look for, "all natural", and, "organic", when ever possible. One of your kittens favorite toys will be included in her care package. Please remember, your new Devon Rex is use to having the companionship of other Devon's, so she will need a lot of organized playtime, to avoid loneliness. Devon's are very good at demanding, what ever they need, so....don't worry! She will tell you when she needs something. :~)
Your baby will come with a small care, scratcher, bed, small bag of litter, and a toy. You will want to have a carrier, litter box(s), and dishes, for her food and water. Have fun shopping, and preparing for the arrival of your new little one. A wonderful place to look for healthy toys is Target....wonderful selection there!